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Hit The North

Hit The North Festival 2019 Abby Hillyer – FOH, Mons and Stage Crew Digital, The Town Wall, The Cut and Beyond Vinyl Hit The North 2018 Abby Hillyer – Stage Crew The Miners Institute, Newcastle.

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NE Volume

Event Preview: Tony McCarroll Q&A at The Halt, Redcar By Abby Hillyer Gig Preview: The Physics House Band at The Cluny, Newcastle By Abby Hillyer Gig Preview: Steve Pledger at RT Projects, Durham By Abby Hillyer

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Soundlass Press Coverage

Interview: ‘Sound Lass’ Creator Abby Hillyer SPOTLIGHT UK – INTERVIEWS, NORTH EAST by Molly Wroe Behind the North East Music Scene Stands A Bunch of Strong Women: A Homage To The Women Of Newcastle SPOTLIGHT UK – FEATURES, NORTH EAST by Sarah Mengede

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Indie/Pop Demos I’ve Produced – https://soundcloud.com/abbyhillyer/sets/indie-pop-music-ive-produced
Danielle King, Demos – https://soundcloud.com/abbyhillyer/sets/danielle-king-demos
Rock Demos I’ve Produced – https://soundcloud.com/abbyhillyer/sets/rock-alternative-music-ive
SoundLass Podcast – https://soundcloud.com/abbyhillyer/soundlass-podcast-julie-bartley
LiveStreamed Performance – https://www.facebook.com/wylamwintertales/videos/cosy-night-in-part-2/263371691890444/
SoundLass Articles – https://www.spotlightuk.co.uk/articles/2020/1/13/interview-sound-lass-creator-abby-hillyer
SoundLass Website – https://soundlass.squarespace.com

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